Are you and your firm equipped to comply with the GDPR?

As we all know, the GDPR brings with it major regulatory changes in the UK, and globally it will require businesses to adapt policies in order to comply. Failure to meet these regulatory standards can be costly.

At Vuture we are on top of the changes, so check out all our resources and advice to be prepared for the May deadline.

To help you find out what’s changing, how you could be affected and the risks of non-compliance, we’ve also provided a free GDPR toolkit to give you a head start.

Checked it out.

Personal client details and preferences can change in an instant, and they'll expect an easily accessible, user-friendly way to make amendments.

Preference Manager is our bespoke app that can be set up with the same look and feel as your website, allowing your clients and contacts to log in securely at any time to make their changes.

  • Logs granular consent detail 
  • User control and management
  • Safety, security and reliability
  • Real-time data verification


  • Provide a clear method of confirmation for using personal information
  • Make information crystal clear to avoid any legal problems
  • Allow people to opt out effortlessly
  • Check your GDPR procedure complies with the law



  • Don't bury GDPR legislation and consent with other terms and conditions
  • Don't use confusing or misleading language 
  • Don't try and be sneaky, no pre-ticked boxes and don't ignore GDPR
  • Don't disallow access to information and services because someone denies consent


You may be worried about where to start or how to meet the terms, so we have compiled a list of things to kick off your journey to GDPR compliance.  

  • Distinguish personal data the company has accumulated and where it is stored
  • Manage how that personal data is used and accessed
  • Determine security controls to prevent vulnerabilities and data breaches
  • Assess existing consent and start refreshing it

Our mission is to continuously design, implement, operate, manage and maintain an information management system that complies with international standards, incorporates generally-accepted good security practices and protects your data, at the same time as providing our clients with highly available, low-risk services.

Free and informative: get the job done with the GDPR toolkit. Here's what it contains:

GDPR: Beginner's Reference Guide

GDPR Reference Guide

For beginners

With new legislation comes new terms, definitions and principles to commit to memory... 

GDPR consent checklist

GDPR Checklist 

Don't miss a step!

There are new rules to abide by when asking for, recording and managing concent...

GDPR: Dos and Don'ts

GDPR Infographic 

The dos and don'ts

Print out and pin up this handy reminder of how you can and can't request consent...

GDPR Quiz 

Find out if you're GDPR savvy 

Take the quiz whenever and as many times as you want. No network connection needed...  

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