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Vuture partners with global technology leaders

Unlike traditional CRM solutions, Lexis InterAction is built for law firms. So you can transform relationship management and business development.

  • Accurate and actionable client insights
  • Capture and track key touch points
  • Business development activities at-a-glance
  • Opportunity and productivity to go
  • Access information in real-time, from anywhere
  • Make strategic decisions backed by data

Salesforce is the world-leading CRM system, offering a range of cloud-based tools in sales, marketing, apps, analytics, commerce, service, community and IOT. Salseforce allows clients to perform multiple tasks within a proven system.

  • Contact management
  • Personalised marketing for B2B and B2C
  • Connecting communities through resource sharing in the cloud
  • Cloud based store and commerce management

ContactEase is a CRM email-automation system created by Cole Valley. It helps businesses acquire and retain clients by ensuring they have access to insights on their terms. Easy to use and reliable having operated for many years.

  • Email campaigns with straightforward container organisation
  • Re-use and preview emails and templates
  • Simple point-and-click image and text editor
  • Drag-and-drop layout editing with a range of dynamic snippets
  • Multiple form fields enabling you to pick and choose at will
  • Allows email testing and sending emails to specific or several people
  • Accurate individual and group reports

Thomson Reuters Elite is a CRM that allows law firms and professional organisations to run all operational aspects of their firms in a straightforward, well-run mobile enabled system.

  • Built-in workflow and collaboration technology
  • Conflict checking and records management with personalised dashboards and notifications. Featuring easy-to-use calendar and docket features

Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s own cloud-based CRM system which helps run your business in a plethora of ways. It gives employees uncomplicated tools to enhance their work resulting in a direct impact on the product.

  • State of the art digital sales technology
  • A single integrated customer service experience
  • Find talent, and experience employee growth with integrated LinkedIn tools
  • Personalise customer experience by mixing online and instore retail
  • Automated, well-organised project package
  • Allows you to gather content for cloud-based marketing
  • Employees can view customer insights

OnePlace is a CRM system tailored for professional services that builds client relations through a cloud-based suite of tools and resources. OnePlace is built on Salesforce™ providing a secure platform for clients who need a centralised CRM solution.

  • 360-degree client information suite
  • Automated event-management suite
  • Company profile builder integrated with detailed experience description
  • Real-time collaboration and communication with employees and clients
  • Highest level of security

SAP is a CRM system which uses real time and live data to simplify business procedures, giving you the ability to react to real-time issues.

  • Data organisation tools allow users to manage, store and analyse data
  • Reliable record of company transactions and ownership information
  • User-enabled cloud integration
  • IoT allows devices to connect to the SAP system
  • SAP’s AI combines with human knowledge, providing a streamlined operation
  • Mobile software supports on the go optimisation
  • Software to scale of business size

If you don’t have a CRM, Vuture provides a secure, centralised location to hold all of your data within Vx.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Safe and secure
  • Real-time data update
  • Works with standalone applications
  • Full support
  • Easy to integrate if you decide on your new CRM

Choosing the right marketing technology partner to integrate with your CRM can be a challenging task.


Our team of trusted advisors can help you navigate through the various questions you should ask and explain to you, in plain English, the process Vuture has designed to ensure a fast and painless integration, for you and your teams.


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