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The past few months have changed the way the world operates, forcing businesses and even entire industries to evolve. We’re here to help you conquer the new normal so you can focus on being there for your clients.

Marketing best practices change almost as quickly as the headlines.

And staying up to date is a full-time job: our job. Below you’ll find quick references so you can be confident that your marketing strategy delivers the right message every time.

Events are still one of the main ways firms connect with their audience; these days, they’re just taking those events online. Just like an in-person event, you want to design an experience that’s engaging and entertaining. That means personalising each client’s experience with data. Additionally, you can—and should—create an interactive digital event that encourages clients to stay invested all the way through.

Learn how to manage digital events for greater customer connection and simpler processes for your team.

Make each send count by following email marketing best practices. Your clients’ inboxes are full, and if you want to connect, you’ll need to grab their attention and hold onto it. The best way to ensure your messages get read is to send personalised, relevant, and timely information. That means segmenting your list and utilising automation to send emails at certain points in your client’s journey.

Learn the tools you need to have in your toolbox to create compelling emails that inspire confidence and action.

Your message is only effective if it gets where it needs to go. The increase in total email volume over the past few months has led to firms struggling with their deliverability. In order to send smoothly and experience limited disruptions to your communications, you’ll want to follow the guidelines in our checklist. Some quick tips to protect your deliverability: Send at your usual cadence. Send to your usual amount of contacts. Set up feedback loops with ISPs to solve problems as soon as they arise.

Learn the simple steps you can take before every send in order to protect your deliverability and maintain control of your messaging.

Some people are seeing more work during the time of COVID, but others have more free time to write that piece of content they’ve been dreaming up. But your content needs a strategy or it’s just noise. Think about the goal for each content piece: What is the optimal format to reach that goal? How can you maximise the reach of each content piece created? Having a strategy in place allows the influx of content to be a resource as opposed to an obstacle.

Learn how to create your optimal content strategy in a time of crisis and beyond.

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