Digest Centre

Create exclusive, personalised client experiences with ease.

Put your intellectual property to use with Vuture – a single platform to create, manage and distribute personalised content. Digest Centre enables users to send scheduled and manual emails to content subscribers based on their preferred areas of interest.

Individualized content, automatic distribution & scale

Digest Centre creates exceptional content experiences via an RSS feed powered by individual client preferences.

Build trust and loyalty with your clients and within your organisation

Send personalised, relevant and timely communication and content to any type of audience and maintain data compliance with state-of-the-art risk and security management features.

Measure the impact

Fully track the engagement of your clients and Identify trends for every blog, article and piece of thought leadership.

Digest Centre uses RSS feeds to automatically synchronise user preferences using data stored against each contact in your CRM and the Vuture preference manager. All Digest Centre emails sent contain a snippet, which can be connected to a set of preferences. Once the email is sent, the system detects relevant content from the RSS feeds and curates it for the email. Emails can be automated and scheduled using triggers or sent manually if required.

The system will not send an email if there is no new content for a particular contact. All of the Vuture email features, including tracking, are available in a Digest Centre email.

Powered by individual preferences

Give clients the control they desire and allow them to choose the type of content they are interested in.

Secure login

Offer peace of mind to your subscribers by asking them to login to access their information.

Preferences management

Allow your subscribers to choose and update the type of content they wish to receive, at any time.

Profile management

Give control and flexibility to your subscribers to register, and update their preferences.

Audit trail of users

Keep track and manage your subscribers’ registrations and interactions with your content.

The more you know, the better you perform.

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