Tracking & Reporting

Detailed and insightful reports and dashboards crafted to meet your every need.

Your reporting needs, solved.

Understand each visitor’s online behaviour and lead with client intelligence

Gain full visibility of your data and insights on a single, straightforward platform

Create and tailor specific reports to share with relevant teams and stakeholders

Track online behaviour and lead with insights

Understand completely how visitors to your site are interacting with your brand.

  • Learn what your clients and prospects are doing with your e-communications and measure click and open rates, email forwards and prints
  • Get instant insights from your E-marketing Strategy Dashboard to schedule your communications with clients at the best time, on the right day of the week to enhance your campaign
  • Take your tracking to the next level with the Premium Company Activity Dashboard and view engagement scores and time spent on the page

Gain full visibility of all your data on one platform

Take full control and make your data work for you and your firm’s needs.

  • The entire depth of your data is accessible for  EmailsEvents, Surveys and Payments to give you the tools you need to analyse your data and make informed business decisions
  • Integrate your Vuture platform with your CRM (or the Vuture platform itself if you do not use CRM) to give you instant access to all client interactions: anytime, anywhere.
  • One-click Google Analytics integration allows you to deep dive into visitor behaviour and measure ROI

Create and share tailored reports

Data presented in a visual, easy-to-digest manner is just one click away.

  • Take back control of your data using Vuture Dashboards by gathering data to present and share multi-channel reports based on the specific requirements of the recipient, in just one click
  • Maximise your potential by creating bespoke reports across all channels so that you and your stakeholders only view key contributing factors relevant to your business goals
  • Bring your data to life using automated visualisations and communicate increased client value

Keep building your knowledge.

Schedule a call with one of the Vuture advisors

The more you know, the better you perform.

Marketers within the professional services sector are no different. Understanding the sector, the trends, the technology, and the need to stay on the top of the latest technology, has become a must for everyone.

By acquiring new and complimentary knowledge and skill-sets, you are also given the opportunity to better assess and address potential gaps within your organisation and, possibly, role and team.

At Vuture, we believe in sharing and facilitating our clients’ (and others’) path to success. Therefore, we are offering you the possibility to book a 15-minute exploration call with one of our advisors to get an overview of the sector you operate in and how you could further build your knowledge to be and remain competitive.

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