Events Marketing

Fully automate your events workflow to improve efficiency and deliver unique user experiences.

Squeeze every last drop of productivity out of the technology and spend less time on logistics so that you can focus on making your event a success.


The power of automating your entire events process

Deliver unique client experiences from the start to increase attendance

Boost operational efficiencies, reduce agency fees and improve your event ROI

Improve delegate insights and upgrade your tracking and reporting

Deliver unique client experiences and increase attendance

Gain detailed insight into your client interests and needs to offer tailored experiences throughout the entire event lifecycle.

  • Create personalised and relevant communications, across all channels, with each client, before, during and after your events
  • Automatically trigger notifications and provide real-time insights to fee earners as their clients arrive
  • Keep track of your clients' preferences to drive meaningful conversations and strengthen relationships during the event

Boost operational efficiency, reduce agency fees and improve your ROI

Save time spent doing repetitive and tedious tasks and get greater visibility of your clients to make informed decisions to effectively target your events.

  • Automate tasks and communications to reduce the amount of time spent on building your event campaigns
  • Integrate e-commerce capability to your registrations pages (i.e. Payments) to generate incremental revenue from paid events
  • Connect your leads and clients to fee earners for cross-selling

Gain insights with improved tracking and reporting

Sync your invitation process, attendee list and on-site registration directly through Vuture and your CRM.

  • Use QBR code badges for easy scanning when attendees arrive, synchronising your data instantly
  • Remove manual processes and reduce costs of updating attendee information, after each event
  • Have ready-made analytics available to improve your event campaigns

Would you like to know how the use of event technology could help you streamline your events and increase your delegate's attendance?

Vuture integrates with the world's leading CRM systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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