The Rise of the Machines Automation. AI. Should we be worried?

Automation. Machine learning. Artificial intelligence. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid these terms, and with good reason: they’re at the heart of a seismic transformation in the very fabric of global industry.


From one corner of the world to another, across every sector, city, border and demographic, the effects of machine automation are being felt.


Studies predict that it will directly impact a third of US and UK jobs by 2030, particularly those that involve the kind of manual, routine tasks that can be more easily replaced by programming.


You may be wondering what that will mean for the manual and routine tasks of the everyday marketer. Does this signal the end of marketeering as we know it? Should you be thinking about retraining in something less digitally replaceable – like ballet?


Or trying out for a professional choir; that’s one thing the machines have yet to master.


The end is(n’t) nigh


In reality, the situation is more positive than the naysayers and doom-mongers might have you believe. For marketers, at least.


Automation of the garden marketing variety is indeed replacing menial tasks. Tasks such as duplicating data entry across multiple platforms, or staying up until the early hours to process leads generated from a successful event.


The technology isn’t just revolutionising a business’ marketing operations, it’s revolutionising individual responsibilities, too.


With less time spent on low-value, time-consuming and unrewarding activities, marketers will be free to devote their efforts to those that provide higher value to them as a worker in need of personal fulfilment and to their firm in the form of major time-savings, improved productivity and revenue growth.


Yada yada yada


“Of course you’d say that – you’re Vuture. You make marketing technology.”


You’re right, of course. We are and we do.


That’s part of the reason why we rounded up our sharpest minds and locked them away in a darkened room for a few weeks (don’t worry – they received a steady supply of coffee and pizza) to create a marketing automation return on investment (ROI) calculator that any marketer (or stakeholder) can quickly and simply operate.


The prospect of upheaval is off-putting to some. Reengineering or replacing processes and workflows can be daunting to first-time users of automation technology. It’s perfectly natural to be wary of change, especially if those processes have been in place for years, or even decades.


But what if you could easily calculate the potential effects of automation before making any kind of commitment?


Using the ROI calculator, you can do just that.


You’ll be able to work out the impact that marketing automation could have on your organisation from both a financial and an operational perspective, all in the amount of time it takes to make a cup of coffee.


In just a few short minutes, you could calculate an increase in revenue and efficiencies that lasts a lifetime.


The calculator’s free and you can fire it up now.


If you’re one of the remaining few yet to be convinced that a technological tsunami is upon us, a wipeout does, sadly, seem inevitable. Join us on the automation surfboard to ride the crest of its wave; it’s the only way you’ll stay afloat and keep your head above wate–




Download the free ROI calculator today to see the difference marketing automation could make to your revenue. It only takes a few minutes.


By Adam Deakin, August 2017