New Mobile Solution Helps Firms Quickly and Easily Personalize and Manage Customer Communications 

We’re excited to announce the launch of Vuture Connect, our mobile-focused product purpose-built for partners. Vuture Connect allows partners to send personalized emails to select clients from the palm of their hands. Marketers can empower partners to easily create and send emails to contacts using a flexible set of parameters that works through an integration with LexisNexis InterAction or without a CRM.

Vuture Connect brings the best of personalized email to the mobile phone. Now marketing teams can expand their campaigns to encourage partners to communicate directly with clients and prospects, all within a seamless customer experience across touchpoints. It also increases engagement between partners and customers while allowing marketers to track performance and manage rules across the firm.

“Partners need to have personal relationships with clients and prospects. Now, with Vuture, they can have that and more, connecting their messaging to personalized campaigns that are easy to manage for the marketing team. We’re excited to be the first CRM integration as part of the Vuture Connect launch,” said Scott Winter, CRM Evangelist LexisNexis Business Solutions at InterAction.

As a standalone, mobile-focused product, Vuture Connect gives partners control over which mailings they would like to send to specific client contacts and lists, and allows them to add a personal touch to each send such as custom messages, sign-off language or email subject lines. With Vuture Connect and its integration with LexisNexis InterAction, Vuture empowers firms’ partners to leverage data to create personalized experiences while ensuring that all data maps back to the CRM in real-time, keeping valuable source data fresh and accurate.

Partners benefit from a variety of best-in-class features: Easy-to-use Mobile UI: Partners can easily personalize and send emails on their mobile phone, without any technical training needed. CRM Integration: With CRM data immediately available, marketers can empower partners to send emails right away, and ensure all communications will be tracked and contact lists will remain fresh. Centralized Insights and Control: Marketers remain in control, creating lists and deadlines for partners so that each mailing can be tracked and measured as part of a campaign, with full performance measurement all in one spot.

“We’re excited to bring the power of Vuture to mobile for our partners. Today’s partner is interactive and on the go, just like their clients and prospects. Vuture Connect delivers firms a mobile solution that empowers partners to personalize communication without losing measurability and insights that are so vital to data-driven marketing,” said Cerri Mac, Senior Director of Global Account Management at Vuture.