GDPR: 11 Months To Go – Download every marketer's must-have GDPR toolkit

Time flies when you’re having pun.


It doesn’t feel like a month has passed since our last blog post announcing a 12-month countdown to the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


But pass it has.


If the space-time continuum in your office is anything like ours, that month flew by – which doesn’t bode well for the next 11 leading up to the GDPR coming into effect, particularly if you’re yet to make any headway towards becoming compliant.


To help you achieve your GDPR goals well ahead of the deadline, we’ve assembled a free, downloadable GDPR Toolkit.


The kit consists of several assets, first revealed at our London user group a couple of weeks ago. For the uninitiated, our user group events take place once a quarter and feature the latest Vuture product release information, plus seminars on the hottest topics in marketing technology. Like GDPR.


What you get


The toolkit’s contents all play a vital part in understanding and adhering to the GDPR:


  • GDPR Reference Guide for Beginners. With new legislation comes new terms, definitions and principles to commit to memory. We’ve brought them all together here for easy reference.
  • GDPR Checklist. There’ll be new rules to abide by when asking for, recording and managing private data. Fill out this checklist whenever you’re acquiring consent and you’ll have them memorised in no time.
  • GDPR Infographic. Print out and pin up this handy, at-a-glance reminder of how you can and can’t go about requesting consent once the new regulation comes into force.



Be prepared with the GDPR toolkit.

By Adam Deakin, June 2017