Vuture Sub-Processors

 Below is a list of all current Vuture sub-processors.  Click here to sign up to receive email notification of sub-processor updates. Please email for any questions regarding sub-processors.


Vuture Hosting Environments (Customers choose one)

  • Rackspace (UK, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany)
  • Microsoft Azure (Canada)
  • Amazon Web Services (UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia)


Software Sub-processors

  • IPStack: Geolocation for Health Check service (USA)
  • 1 Password: Password Security and Management (USA)


User Support/Communication

  • FreshDesk: Ticketing Software (USA) - retiring June 2021
  • Zendesk: Ticketing Software (Ireland) - starting June 2021
  • Salesforce: CRM (USA)
  • G Suite: Communication and Document Storage (USA)
  • Microsoft 365: Communication and Document Storage (USA)
  • Slack: Communication (USA)