Digest Centre


Digest Centre is a tool that enables users to send scheduled and manual emails to content subscribers based on their preferred areas of interest.


The Centre provides two key benefits; it delivers personalised and relevant content to your clients from any website that has an RSS feed, and automates the process to increase organisational efficiency.

Digest Centre uses RSS feeds to synchronise the preferences automatically using data stored against each contact in CRM and the Vuture preference form. Emails sent this way contain a snippet, which can be connected to a set of preferences. When the email is sent or viewed online the system detects content, which the contact has not yet seen, from the RSS feeds and curates it for the email.


Emails can be automated and scheduled using triggers or sent manually if required. The system will not send an email if there is no new content for a particular contact. All of the Vuture email features, including tracking, are available in a Digest Centre email.


Key benefits


Automate the delivery of your re-usable content to your clients. Get full value from every blog, article and piece of thought leadership.

Data security

Allow your clients to log on securely, specifying what they want to receive from you. Every email generated is personalised.

Tracking and reporting

Fully track the engagement of your clients using Web Tracking and create stats for the readership of each article.

Vuture integrates with the world's leading CRM systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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