Our top features of last year

Here at Vuture our product development never stops. In the last year our technology team has had four releases with 44 major platform updates. This is alongside the countless small enhancements, improvements and bug fixes.

We thought we would give you a round-up of the top features from the past year. If you want to find out more, or enable any of the features, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager.



Contacts module

The contacts module is an enhancement of our list manager. For those of you without a CRM, the contacts module is invaluable as it gives you the opportunity to manage your lists and contacts more easily and efficiently. With the contacts module you can:

  • Import, export and delete lists
  • Add, edit and delete a contact
  • View a contact’s email and form history
  • Easily manage event attendance within a specific list


Find out more about the contacts module here.

Campaign calendar

Managing your campaigns has never been easier with the campaign calendar. It creates a visual timeline display of all the campaigns you are running. This makes it easier and quicker for you to plan your campaigns and to manage your internal resources throughout the year. 

iCalendar improvements

When you create an iCal in Vuture if you update the start time the end time will now automatically update too. You can now add more text formatting in the body of the iCal file.  

In Microsoft Outlook the default calendar reminder is set to 15 mins. With this new update in Vuture you can change the default reminders when you create an iCal file just like in Outlook. 

Events app

We have updated the interface for the events app making it even easier to use. When an attendee arrives at an event you can now send a notification email to the person who owns the relationship.. We have also given the events app a performance boost

  • Upload a list in 60 per cent of the time it previously took
  • Register a new attendee 25 per cent more efficiently
  • Enhance your user experience with clearer location of functional buttons such as; ‘Save’, ‘Back’, ‘Close Event’
  • Benefit from optimised usability with mobile devices



We have updated the interface for the form editor. It’s now even easier to use. You can upgrade for free, just contact your Account Manager.

We’ve also made improvements to the interface of the form logic builder. Form logic allows you to add conditions to a field that then decides whether other fields appear.  

Reporting improvements

Campaign dashboard

You can now view the reporting metrics for a single campaign in the campaign dashboard.

Global bounce-back report

We’ve added some additional columns and the ability to select a specific timeframe to the global bounce-back report. This gives you more options to analyse your bounces by domain, timeframe and type of bounce. This can help you to identify any potential issues.

Data warehouse

Vuture captures thousands of metrics and data points. We can now provide you with a data warehouse where all this data is stored. You can then use it within any business intelligence software you may use such as Power BI or Tableau.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these features, please reach out to your Account Manager. We run a webinar for every release where we go into detail on each new enhancement. If you would like to watch the past releases you can check them out in the links below. These are available on-demand – you simply need to register to watch them. If you would like to find details of the releases in your Vuture instance, click: Help> Releases.



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