Cloud clears post GDPR deadline but the view is still a little foggy


The GDPR deadline came. And it went. But as the dust settles, multiple global privacy laws follow closely behind to kick it right back up again. Vuture's Director of Client Success, Lili Boev, surveys the landscape.

The 24th May feels like it was only yesterday. Like Y2K, I waited with bated breath for some catastrophic meltdown. But it never really came. Three months later and, excepting a few rogue, public blunders by brands like TSB and British Airways, not a great deal has happened. At least not yet. 

I don't think we'll feel the wider impact of the GDPR until hefty price-tags are slapped on those organisations that fall foul of the law. There is a feeling that many marketers have defaulted to business-as-usual but the legislative climate is far from calm right now. 

In the US, the GDPR stirred Californian legislators to take a stand against the tech barons in their state, introducing and signing the California Consumer Privacy Act, 2018. The Act will come into effect on Wednesday 1st January, 2020 and serves as the first major legislative change in consumer privacy in the US, altering how companies work with California’s consumers. The real question hinges on the wider-reaching impact of this law and whether other states will follow in its wake. Similarly, Brazil, inspired by the GDPR, has also enacted its data protection law – the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD). It is the first law of its kind in Brazil and a landmark for the country.

On this side of the Pond, the EU legislative changes don’t stop with the GDPR. The ePrivacy Directive (ePD) will be updated to the ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) within the next couple of years for EU member states, spinning off the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) in the UK. The ePD, much like the GDPR's predecessor, the Data Protection Directive, is out of date and needs a facelift but EU lawmakers appear to be dragging their heels ahead of a Brexit deal. As a result, we can't expect to see much more than a statement from the EU Council this year.

As the general public increases its demand for greater rights to data privacy, we should expect to see similar laws popping up across the globe over the coming years. Unfortunately for marketers it does put us in a situation where the need continues for us to make sense of complex laws across multiple regions and in multiple languages. However, the benefits for clients and, therefore, businesses are substantial, meaning successful navigation of the regulatory complexities bring many rewards for simply remaining on the right side of the law.