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A year in re-Vu.

PUBLISHED ON: 02/10/2019

AUTHOR: Peter Hay, Senior content strategist



It’s been an interesting first year for Points of Vu. We’ve seen plenty of technological innovation but, also, a great deal of political uncertainty, which has kept us all on our toes. Here’s a little round-up of what we’ve covered over the last twelve months.


Getting back to work


A year on and we’re in the same situation as we were this time last year when our Back to Work issue kicked off the inaugural newsletter: the holiday season is coming to an end for most of us and planning season is upon us again. Some of you might remember our ebook: Your five-a-day to keep those holiday blues at bay, covering some of the things you might consider to ease you back into the workplace. Maybe it’s time for a quick refresher? (


Artificial intelligence


One of the most successful issues of the year, receiving a lot of love from you all, this is still one of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing business in the coming year. In fact, only this week, even the Pope found something to say on the subject. ( In case you missed out on our AI content series, you can catch up with our ebook and webinar ( to prepare you for the year ahead.


Prepping for 2019


Well, the year isn’t over but we have to say a big: ‘Thank you!’, for staying with us and engaging with our content as we prepped for this turbulent year together. We’ll be sharing all of our 2019 trends content towards the end of the year, curated as a bundle, as we reflect on what we got right along with some of the surprises that crept in, in order to prepare for 2020. Watch this space.


Technology and the third sector


As we hit December last year, we made the decision to consider the subject of homelessness and look at how technology was helping charities overcome some of the challenges it presents. As so many of you seemed to support this move, once again, we are pleased to be devoting the December issue of points of view this year to the subject of charity and the positive impact technology is having on some of the issues these organisations face.


Personal development


When caught up in the day-to-day, it’s so easy to forget about our own personal development; replacing our own career goals for business objectives. Training should be part of everyone’s workplace experience, where it helps the individual feel valued and supports what the organisation is trying to achieve. As technology continues to permeate our working day, we still feel coding is one such training opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Have a read of our ebook: Five reasons non-tech, professional services teams should learn to code, to learn why this might just be the personal development must-have in the coming year.


Millennials and the iGen


I’m sure some of you are fed-up of hearing us rattling on about these two groups but as we’ve jumped on several months since this issue of Points of Vu was released, we’ve moved ever closer to that key statistic: by 2025, 75 per cent of the workforce will consist of millennials. Put another way, in the next five years three in every four people in your office will be a millennial. We’ll just leave that to sink in…




It’s the topic that follows us everywhere and for very good reason. For professional services, each sector is at a very different place, some far more advanced than others, but disruption will catch you if you don’t stay ahead of it and transform your organisation, digitally. If you’re still unsure what that might look like, listen to our webinar to learn more. (


Not the first, the second, but the Third Wave


When thinking about disruption you should also be thinking about Third Wave – the point where the Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Everything. A world where connecting online is as ubiquitous and essential as plugging into electricity. As the man who wrote the book on it, Steve Case, says: ‘Much Third Wave innovation will come from impact entrepreneurs focused on building ‘profit plus purpose’ companies that have measurable impact in the world.’ We’ve only seen the tip of the disruption iceberg and the Third Wave should have every organisation thinking about a different sort of transformation – one with a stronger social conscience.


Customer experience


Much has been written on the subject of customer experience and client-centricity, and continues to be this year. This not only reflects the value of understanding customer needs, it also demonstrates the importance of being strategic in delivering on these with the help of existing and emerging technologies. If you missed it the first time round, back in May, have a read of our report: Putting the AI into CX: artificial intelligence as customer experience arsenal, to learn how you can use existing technologies to better serve your client base. (


The Summer issue


Summer is, basically, over but if you missed out on our reading list you can still pick up some of the books that have been inspiring us this year. (


Importance of creativity


This issue only dropped a month ago but it was well-received and for that we are both excited and grateful. The idea that creativity is reserved for only the select few in business is a myth that definitely needs busting. For those of you that missed our ebook: Creative differences: five ways to ignite the creative in you, it shows how every role requires creative thinking to really tip the balance of mediocrity, especially as technology automates more and more of those process-led activities. (


What can you expect for the remainder of the year from Points of Vu?


Well, on top of the regular news, views and things to amuse, we have some exciting topics coming your way as we look to closing out the year. For our October issue, we’ll be tackling the subject of ethics, considering how technology can be used for positive and how data must be used with integrity. In November we’ll be serving up a look at the future of tech adoption, as 2020 sits poised ahead, ready to drop. And for December, we’re bringing back our charity issue, considering how technology is being used to improve the lives of those most vulnerable in our society.


As always, we welcome feedback and if there is a subject you’d like us to tackle in future issues, let us know:


Thank you again for continuing to read and support Points of Vu!


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