Five ways engagement scoring can help you uncover opportunities you never knew existed


Published: June 11th, 2019

Author: Laura Healy, Client Success Manager

Did you know that finding leads is the biggest challenge that attorneys face today? A recent study by the Legal Marketing Association and Bloomberg Law revealed that 53% of the 135 attorneys surveyed, agreed with this estimate. Vuture’s Engagement Scoring can uncover new leads and help you become the hero to your attorneys.

Engagement Scoring allows you to identify your most engaged contacts. To do this, you assign points to their behavior.


There are different behaviors you can attribute points to, such as opens, clicks and RSVPs. The combined total of these points gives you an engagement score for each contact. To make this even more valuable to your attorneys, you can also track your contact’s web behavior. You can track behavior on your main site, as well as any microsites. The higher the number of points a contact has, the more engaged they are.


Before you put on your super hero cape, there’s more. To help make an impact on your firm's objectives, you can set filters or assign special scores. You can add points for:


  • Specific job titles such as CEO,
  • URLs you wish to target such as Partner Bios and Practice Area pages,
  • Key companies you wish to target and,
  • Key individuals you wish to target.


Engagement Scoring can help you provide a solution to your attorneys’ biggest challenge and more. All without you having to manually hunt through lots of data.


Engagement Scoring can also help your attorneys with:


  • Finding qualified leads
  • Initiating client outreach
  • Preparing for client pitches and face-to-face meetings
  • Targeting specific clients/prospects at in person events, and
  • Contributing to larger business development plans.

Here are five ways you can use engagement scoring.


1) Identify most engaged contacts
This type of Tracker looks across all your contacts. It gives you an overall picture of who your most engaged contacts are. This is useful to reveal contacts you may not be aware are engaging with you. You can also exclude any internal contacts to eliminate skewing your scores.


2) Target key clients
Set up your Engagement Tracker to focus on the key clients your attorneys are most interested in. You can do this by setting special scores for these key contacts.


3) Target specific practice areas to uncover new leads/prospects
Set up a Tracker for your practice areas to uncover possible opportunities that focus on each practice area’s web pages. By assigning a special score for these page visits, the tracker will show you the most engaged contacts for that practice area. This arms you with a list of engaged leads for each practice area to share with the appropriate attorney.


4) Target attorney’s bios
This tracker can be set up to generate a list of contacts that are checking your attorneys’ bio pages by giving these URLs a special score. This will allow you to share a list of contacts who are most engaged and who have visited an attorney’s bio page.


5) Target specific clients for one partner
Set up a Tracker for one partner who is interested in the overall engagement of their clients. This Tracker can include all clients the partner manages and the web pages that contain blog articles or client alerts written by the partner. You can do this by setting special scores for these web page visits.

With Vuture’s Engagement Scoring, you get to be the solution to the attorneys’ biggest challenge of finding new leads. But the best part is, it will save you time and make you look like a hero.


If you have questions or want to see Vuture’s Engagement Scoring in action, contact your Account Manager or drop us an email.