CRM Specialist (London team)

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Join one of London’s fastest growing software companies and work with some of the world’s largest firms.


The Product


Our software balances distribution of marketing activity with control. With their own unique logins and permissions, a sales team can execute their own email campaigns, a realtor could create a microsite showcasing a single property or a lawyer could host an event to inform and engage clients. In each case approval is requested from Marketing to ensure brand continuity and compliance.


We integrate with leading CRMs to automatically extract and update data, and, because our system was originally built as a CMS, each of our modules is extremely user-friendly requiring minimal technical knowledge. We supply a unique instance of software to each customer accessible by private Cloud, hosting it in the country most appropriate to their data needs and adding the modules most relevant to their marketing needs across email, print, events and website creation.

As a small but well-established business, we can offer staff the opportunity to make immediate, noticeable impact on customers, with many of our most popular products starting life as initiatives suggested as either saleable or beneficial to a given customer.


We have a huge range of ideas and initiatives for the future: from creating platform parity across all CRMs which our clients use, through our BI and Big Data reporting project, to expanding our offering to go beyond enterprise level software to reach small business and the automation that is required to one-click deploy, set-up, install and configure the platform and associated bits.


The Tech


As a software business, technology is of the utmost importance to us. Our main product, Vx, is varied across a range of new technology from C# and ASP.NET MVC to legacy ASPX and VB.NET. This product is hosted in a wide range of environments including the public Cloud (Azure and AWS), private Cloud and dedicated customer servers.

We use tools which are right for the job, always staying open to new technologies. We believe in automating as much of the development process as possible, building tools to allow developers and testers to focus on doing their job.


We are both Agile and driven by quality. Continuously improving our Scrum process (peer reviews, retrospectives, stand-ups, planning meetings, etc.) and continuous integration (automating builds, tests and deployments).




Our current CRM specialist is leaving the UK and therefore we are hiring for a CRM Specialist to analyse and improve our current CRM integration process and become our technical expert on the subject. As the CRM specialist you will be responsible for assisting in the development, delivery and integration of Vuture's product with our customers CRMs.

The role consists of several primary areas, the most common will be to help the Support, Sales and Account Management Teams answer technical and security-related questions on our CRM integrations. You will be a source of knowledge across the business for CRM specific enquiries acting as the final point of escalation for all issues.

Vuture specialises in integrating our own products into our customers' existing CRM solutions, and you will help in this capacity on project roll-outs. You will advise on best practice and help trouble shoot technical issues, working with client-side teams.


You will work with the Development team to continuously improve the Vuture product, suggesting improvements to the integration process and other features. Additionally, you will evaluate any customers requests for CRM features, determine feasibility and cost, and help to test and roll-out accepted enhancements to clients.


There is an element of testing to this role and you will ensure integration performance falls within acceptable levels, offer advice on performance tuning and determine and set data limits. Should integration performance fall under such levels it will be your responsibility to work with the development teams to upgrade and improve integrations where required ensuring excellent customer service.


Finally, it will be important to keep customers in the loop on all aspects of their integration and the status of any report requests, including potential upgrades and downtime. This position is very customer facing and you will be liaising with customers daily, updating them on activities whilst managing stake holder expectations.

We have a variety of service offerings for our customers across a range of CRM’s including; Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Lexis Nexis. We constantly strive to improve our service offering across the many CRMs we support and therefore the CRM Specialist will proactively research the latest trends and upgrades in the market to ensure Vuture remain ahead of the curve.


What we need from you


First and foremost, you will have significant commercial experience with at least one CRM. This could be Salesforce, Lexis Nexis Interaction, OnePlace, SAP Cloud, or Microsoft Dynamics. The exact CRM is less important than a rounded knowledge about how one is setup, maintained and extended.


It is equally important that you have spent time in a previous role setting up integrations within CRM systems. You will have worked on a deep-level integration of an external application into an existing CRM, including honing performance and testing reliability.


Ideally you will have worked closely with developers making calls to API’s to consume data from an end point, however if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so you will need to have worked closely with Developers to facilitate these connections.


Alongside being able to consume API’s you will have experience using SQL and will be able to discuss a time where you extracted data from a database to create a report using SQL.


This is a customer facing position where you will be assisting support and sales team with customer calls. Naturally, you will be confident communicator and will be able to give us an example of where you had to explain a technical concept to a non-technical stakeholder.


Culture and values are equally as important to us as technical ability. You will be goal orientated with the confidence and competence to explain the motivations behind decisions you have made throughout your career.


Additionally, our team’s respectfulness and responsiveness allow us to embrace the benefits of teamwork, coming together to solve problems and share knowledge. This will include going above and beyond to deliver not just for our customers but also for fellow team members. We will be interested to hear about how you have applied similar values in the past.

Lastly, you will be open and transparent, looking to learn from others where possible and are able to take accountability for your responsibility in the failure of a task/project. We will be looking to hear about a project has not gone to plan and how you handled the situation.


What you’ll get from us


As a Senior CRM specialist, you will have significant impact on how our platform (VX) integrates with all third-party CRM’s allowing you to gain experience with all market leading CRM providers (including but not limited to: MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Interaction Lexis Nexis and SAP). Vuture will also support your training and certification in the entire range of CRMs if desired.


You will also be the ‘go to person’ for all CRM concerns allowing you to become an SME in this field.


Additionally, you will have the opportunity to review how our current integrations have been set up and to conduct POC’s to trial new technologies allowing us to improve our current ways of working.


Vuture take career progression very seriously and have many examples of applicants joining the company and scaling their career very quickly. Kandeepan Sivarajasingam joined us as a .NET developer quickly becoming a senior member of the team, building a range of widgets that utilise our complex CRM integration to part-automate the creation of websites, a project he’s been involved in from idea to delivery. Edd Couchman has been with us since 2006, going from creating the CCS automation that became our print module, through Technical Manager and on to Technical Director from where he’s spearheading the extension of our interfacing capabilities. Over eight years Alex Elliot has risen from Senior Designer to managing a portfolio of complex projects worth up to £1.5m including all work we complete for Ernst and Young.


We are on an Agile journey closely tied in with the move towards DevOps. While we’d like you to contribute we are not specifically hiring for someone who has “been there done that”. As such you should see your knowledge of tooling and Agile / SCRUM methods grow in your time at Vuture.


For anyone joining us now we offer stability, Pluralsight training, wide learning opportunities, a truly collaborative environment that embraces fresh ideas, a range of meaningful projects and new features that mix the latest technology with the challenge of gradually refactoring legacy code, and - for long-term members of staff - we are happy to talk about flexi-time, holiday and homeworking.


We offer a generous benefits package that includes a 5% pension contribution, a performance related bonus of up to 10% of salary, free gym membership and 25 days holidays.


The hiring process


By outlining the interview process upfront, we allow applicants to plan around it from first contact. Following initial selection by Talent Point, applicants will be invited to Vuture’s office to meet our Head of Development, Maciej Rychter and the team. 1-hour team fit and soft skills interview with Maciej, followed by 30 minutes experience-based interview, covering your projects, integrations, documentation, 30 minutes with Tufan. All going well this will be followed by a call with David (the CEO).


Key People - Maciej joined Vuture to help provide direction to the development teams. As Head of Development he enables developers to make quality software - growing and nurturing the team as the business grows. Helping to deliver products that makes our clients happy. The role will report to him.

 - Tufan is one of our founders and our CTO. His focus is on creating a strategic vision for Vuture’s technical offering, developing current and new products to maximise business development.



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