The culture of digital transformation in 2019

The culture of digital transformation in 2019.

With digital transformation budgets set to increase by 25 per cent in the coming year*, are you ready to take a more human approach to transformation? Download the report: The culture of transformation in 2019, to learn why organisational culture and employee engagement need to work hand-in-hand with your technology integration for transformation success.



The culture of digital transformation in 2019: get more from the report and join us for the webinar



Want to learn more about why transformation really matters for your business? Have a burning question you'd like answered?


Read the report and sign up for our upcoming webinar to learn about the digital-transformation landscape in 2019; who will be running the show, what challenges you might face and how to overcome them.






Venue: Online

Duration: 45 minutes

Recorded on: Wednesday 10th April, 2019. 2.00pm GMT.


Meet your host: Robin Stephens, Director | Linkedin


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