Businesses not tech-ready to attract vital millennial talent

PUBLISHED ON: 07/03/2019

AUTHOR: Peter Hay, Senior content strategist



Nearly a third of marketing professionals claim that technology is not used effectively in their business, with a further 49 per cent claiming: ‘more work to do’, according to a poll of attendees at Vuture’s recent webinar.


With 80 per cent of Generation Z claiming that they aspire to work with cutting-edge technology and 91 per cent asserting that tech would influence their job choice when weighing the decision against other offers, organisations that fail to capitalise on digital could lose the race for talent and be left behind.


Mike Crones, CIO at technology and development firm Draper, explains: ‘What we need to be able to figure out is thinking about our leadership styles as they relate to Generation Z; our recruiting styles, our work environments, our technologies, and how they want to use and interact with those technologies and processes.’


There is a further opportunity to be missed by organisations that fail to attract these generations as 77 per cent of iGen are ready and willing to be tech mentors within the organisation they work, offering valuable skills and knowledge sharing to colleagues.


The webinar: Mind the gap: professional services and the need to embrace Generations Y and Z, discussed the importance of these groups of individuals for business success and how best to attract them to organisations.


In the next six years, it has been reported that 75 per cent of the workforce will be millennials, whilst Generation Z will make up 20 per cent, so the time to act is now.


However, with 14 per cent of the surveyed group believing beer fridges and free food and drink are the most effective incentives to help millennials and iGen succeed, there is still some work to be done.