Website Management

Our powerful website engine manages a range of sophisticated sites around the world providing:

  • Point and click editing of text
  • Point and click editing of images
  • Drag and drop layout functionality
  • Cross referencing to make content appear in multiple sections
  • Easy management of rich content such as video and podcasts
  • Sophisticated content management of rollovers/dropdowns and interactive content
  • People search
  • CV/Resume generation with automatic PDF functions
  • There are a number of integration points with your CRM/InterAction.
  • If the site has a password protected section, then content behind the content can be managed from within your CRM/InterAction – with different content being shown to different clients.
  • After a website login, clients may also choose to manage their contact preferences (which lists/folders in your CRM/InterAction they belong in) and manage the contact fields held for them (automatically updating).