Email Module

Email Campaign Manager

Email Campaign Manager module allows clients to create and manage the full range of their e-based communication campaigns quickly and easily. Clients can create their own email templates and test them for deliverability via LITMUS. Campaigns can be simple or complex, automated and personalised.  This is one of the most powerful tools available in B2B marketing

  • Point and click editing of text
  • Point and click editing of images
  • Drag and drop editing of layout
  • Simple Form Building
  • Email content can be personalized from CRM Fields
  • Lists can be selected directly from CRM
  • Client activities (open/bounce/click/RSVP etc) are automatically written to CRM
  • Preference management (subscriptions) are automatically reflected in CRM folders
  • Unsubscribes are completely automated with CRM (no manual intervention)
  • Clients may fill in forms to automatically populate additional fields in CRM
  • Detailed campaign reporting is available designed to meet your specific needs

Form Builder

Events are a typical component of our client’s marketing mix. Events can be complex or simple but all need to be managed seamlessly with the client relationship the key priority. The Form Builder is a standard component of our Email platform and provides clients with the following abilities:

  • Fields in InterAction CRM are instantly available to populate in forms
  • Filter based on clients selections (rsvp / date selection etc) for further mailings
  • Ability to limit the number of attendees for managing room sizes