Why Us?

Vuture is a market-beating integrated software designed specifically to help businesses market more effectively, target more efficiently and generate extraordinary business results. It is easy to use, straightforward to deploy and highly secure. It is an asset for any business and tool that business development and marketing teams should not be without.

There are many answers to a question like 'Why Vuture?' Here are some of them. 

Who we are and what we do

It enables a user to create and manage their marketing communication programs whether digital e.g. web based extranets, intranets, microsites, email, social media, print (brochures, print advertising, pdf production) surveys (like survey monkey but with more capability) and a marketing asset manager (e.g. management of photographic and other marketing assets).

The patent pending technology is wholly owned and provides users with the ability to create and manage their local or global communication programs, create brand consistency through workflow sign off, speedy deployment and campaign production through ease of use.

The technology integrates with a client’s CRM system providing more focused, integrated and targeted campaigns with marketing intelligence to help identify opportunities for campaign improvement and testing of specific initiatives. The technology makes sophisticated high quality, highly targeted one to one rather than one to many marketing easy, achievable and cost effective.

The platform is modular so clients can choose from a menu of specific functions without needing to buy the whole platform. This makes it easier to purchase and later upsell as per the client need.

As a result, Vuture stimulates business growth (more business/more clients) improved ROI (reduced costs through self-service approach) to marketing and marketing intelligence (where to dig to find the gold) through sophisticated campaign reporting.

Modular approach

We provide an integrated marketing platform made up of a number of modules. Each module is powerful and easy to use but provides flexibility to customise your unique approach to marketing. You can choose modules in any combination, each with the same user interface, but with module specific functionality. This means you can create an integrated suite of marketing tools designed specifically to meet your needs. What’s more, we are adding new modules to the platform all the time so your choice of options will increase in line with the needs of your business.

CRM integration

Our powerful software combines email, web, print, surveys, social media and an asset library into one integrated system with the power to work seamlessly with your CRM technology. Whether you are a national firm, operate through international offices, run a large business development team or anything in between, Vuture can help you communicate with clients, grow your business, and ultimately save you time and money.

All modules can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM technology providing a comprehensive view of your clients and the ability to interrogate lists, make marketing selections and have all marketing activity seamlessly written back into your CRM.

Managed workflow

We know how important it is to ensure that content is delivered in the appropriate way using the appropriate media. Mistakes in business can be very costly so it is important that there is a high degree of oversight or at least enough to meet the operational requirements of your business. The Vuture platform provides customised workflow to ensure that the appropriate checks and balances are in place. We ensure you have the right procedures in place before any content is made live.  If human error should rule the day, there is always a signoff identifier and roll back facility so you can see where the error occurred and roll back to the correct version of the content

Listening to what you want

This might sound a little trite but we really do listen to what our clients want. In fact, in many ways the Vuture platform is a direct reflection of client need over the years. Your requests are gathered regularly and reviewed in line with our product road map. Those ideas and suggestions that have broad appeal will go into development, with some clients seeing their ideas implemented within weeks not months or years.

Constant development

We pride ourselves on the fact the Vuture platform is wholly owned i.e. we are not reselling a third parties software. That means we can develop the platform to suit your specific needs. It also means that the platform is under continual development so our clients benefit from a living, breathing business tool that grows and expands in line with the needs of their business. This eliminates the risk of relevance and ensures that your technology is always state of the art, no matter when you started using it.

Flexible template system

Vuture is well known for the development of 'intelligent templates'. We build templates that match your existing communication materials, are supplied by your preferred creative agency, or which we design bespoke based on your specific brief. The key difference is that these templates are fully customisable and changeable by you, meaning you can create unlimited template variations from one template. Each template comes with a range of place holders that we call 'snippets'. Snippets can be in the form of videos, RSS feeds, banners or photographs. These permit you to change the content and nature of the template with 'drag and drop functionality' allowing you to change the design itself. You no longer require HTML skills or your designer to do it – you do it all yourself in minutes.

And don’t worry, if the thought of customisable templates fills you with dread, we can lock down the template designs as appropriate with user rights limited to those few allowed the privilege. What’s more, designs can also be locked down to ensure you only amend what you want – this is essential for brand control.

When you want a new template you can come back to us or we can simply show you how to build your own from scratch – it’s simple.

Brand management

The Vuture platform is perfect for Brand Management. It enables you to centralise brand control or decentralise it across geographic or operational regions. Whatever your preference we can provide you with the tools and ability to communicate with your clients whilst maintaining brand integrity through stringent workflow procedures, locked down brand templates, brand rules and guidelines and specific user rights and permissions.

You set the rules and then through our intuitive administrator set up you can decide how those rules are administered throughout your organisation.

Brand is often the culmination of many communication instances - so whatever media you use, with Vuture you can always be in control of how your message is communicated.

Management dashboard & reporting

Vuture excel at communication execution but we also provide you with intelligence to enable you to create and run better campaigns with ever increasing success rates.

Dashboards can be created for different members of the team to highlight activity or to spot specific trends in the development of a specific marketing strategy. Whatever your objective, we can create the reporting and management intelligence to help you.


We have a formal Information Security Management Program, which follows a continual cycle of improvement to ensure that best practices are documented, reinforced and improved on a continual basis. Every new release undergoes a comprehensive vulnerability scan including tests for SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

We use a combination of automated and manual tests of our applications and the network infrastructure they are developed and run on.

Sensitive data elements are encrypted in storage using strong cryptography with associated key-management processes and procedures.

We adhere to the principles of ISO27001 and, our data centre provider, are ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II) compliant.


Our help desk operates during business hours in 3 regions UK, US & Asia Pacific so no matter where you are in the world, we are always on hand to help you get what you need.