Don’t you just do email marketing?

Although email is often the module clients initially use when they begin working with the Vuture platform, we also provide a whole suite of tools to help clients with their marketing. Email is really just one part of the whole marketing platform we provide

How do you help with content management of websites?

Vuture is used to manage many well-known websites for global firms. The system has built-in-functions to deal with common requirements such as people search, cross referencing content to appear in multiple locations and automatically populating offices, articles, people and specialist skills against each other. Security of a section of a website can be applied to specific lists in a user’s CRM, allowing client tracking of logins and downloads within the CRM.

How do you help with microsites?

Vuture has developed the technology to allow clients to very quickly and easily deploy additional websites for all of the firms needs including: blogs, language sites, extranets, deal rooms and alumni sites.

Are your websites security enabled?

Security, preferences, forms and page visits are all integrated with InterAction. Content behind a secure section can be personalised using content in your CRM such as name, address details and content held in additional fields.

How do you help clients with surveys?

The email module allows for form building and data capture using relevant fields in your CRM. Where more complicated surveys are required (survey monkey or Zoomerang style surveys), Vuture has a specific module which allows for these styles of survey. Survey sent, started and completed are tracked as activities, as well as survey results being written direct to your CRM.

What other modules do you have?

The Vuture platform provides a full range of modules – See the Modules section of this website for more information. 

Can all the modules integrate with a CRM?

Let us know your CRM and we’ll tell you if we currently integrate or plan to integrate with it, or if we know a work around.

Are you recommended for InterAction CRM users ?

We do have a partnership with InterAction which extends to all the global jurisdictions. We have dozens of InterAction clients and our InterAction sales teams sell Vuture to their clients across the world. The best judge of our success is our clients – feel free to ask them what they think.

What reports can the Vuture platform produce?

We provide clients with a reports dashboard and we can set the system up to produce any number of reports. Let us know what you want to know and we’ll help you build a report to suit. 

If we are using InterAction what marketing activities can be written back?

The Vuture API can write back a wide range of activities. Here’s a selection that clients tend to want as a standard:

  • Email sent
  • Email opened
  • Email forwarded
  • Email bounced
  • Email unsubscribed
  • Event accepted
  • Event declined
  • Invitation sent
  • Invitation opened
  • Invitation forwarded
  • Invitation bounced
  • Invitation unsubscribed
  • Briefing sent
  • Briefing opened
  • Briefing forwarded
  • Briefing bounced
  • Briefing unsubscribed

Is Vuture a hosted service or can we host it internally?

Vuture is a hosted (cloud based) service.

What are the security implications of a cloud based service?

At Vuture we provide clients with a private cloud to avoid security or data integrity issues.

The Vuture platform does print marketing? How?

The print module allows for the content management of documents, which can then be created as a PDF, JPG or automatically set-up for a professional printer.

Content can be generated from your CRM (like a mail merge function) allowing for customised print assets such as invitations or brochures.

Where a print file has been physically posted to a client, an activity with a PDF link can be written to a list in your CRM..

How does Vuture automatically capture data in InterAction?

Rather than taking hours, forms connected to your CRM take minutes to build. As soon as the additional fields have been added in your CRM, they are instantly available in Vuture. All the user has to do is select the list and the additional field to instantly drop it into a form.

How are client preferences and recipient’s data cleansed in InterAction?

Vuture users can manage the whole preference form process from within the system. Recipients, with one click, can choose which lists (folders) they are subscribed to. Clients also have the ability to allow their recipients to check that their profile information held in the CRM is correct (e.g. telephone number), and if they make a change, to update the CRM – while adhering to any Data Change Management processes you may have in place.

Can you send emails via the CRM?

Vuture queries your CRM directly to send emails so there is no import or export requirement.

The user simply selects a list from the marketing lists that are held in the CRM from a drop down menu– the lists the user can see are based on their individual permissions in the CRM.

How are a user’s activities tracked in the CRM?

Vuture automatically (in real time) writes activities into your CRM based on a recipient's actions. Tracked actions include:

  • Mail opened
  • Links clicked
  • Event Accepted / Declined
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces and bad data
  • Emails forwarded
  • Contact detail changes (such as telephone number)

Can web pages be tracked in the CRM?

When a user clicks on a link in an email, Vuture is able to put a cookie on the user’s machine. This means at any point in the future when the recipient visits any web asset of the firm using that machine, it is tracked in your CRM showing the web pages the client has visited.

Are bounce backs processed automatically?

If the mail bounces, the bounce is identified as a hard or soft bounce. It is then given a specific reason for its bounce in your CRM e.g. mailbox full, user doesn’t exist, server error etc.